The “Cover Up” Theory

What prompted this investigation is that there is a huge, unexplained
cement slab on the property that appears to be covering something up.

What is really going on at the “River of Life” facility in Omak, Washington?
No one on the outside knows for sure, but here is what we’ve learned — with some added speculation.

What is this huge cement slab covering up? Here is a satellite photo…
Omak River of Life
Here is the Google Maps link showing that images were not altered… GPS Coordinates: 48.4222773,-119.5209722
Be aware this image could be blocked out in future satellite photos.

Here is a closer view…
Omak River of Life
As you can see, it is massive.

Here is a side view of the huge cement covering…
Omak River of Life
You often see what appears to be “bouncy houses” on the property.

Further Findings…
There appears to be seven full time residents living at the facilities.
1. Marc, the “pastor” happens to be a former employee of both the United States Marine Corp and the Sheriff’s Dept and he doesn’t even hide this fact. When you meet him, you wouldn’t want to “mess with him” — a professional for sure — He could now be CIA, DOD or Homeland Security — who knows?
2. Leanne, the “pastor’s wife” has the look of a “secret agent” — she is even attractive like the ones in the movies. You can sometimes detect a slight limp in her step — sure to be an injury while fighting the “bad guys” on some secret mission.
3. Kelsey, the “daughter” could easily be a new recruit working for the government. She’s in her early 20’s, intelligent, and owns a firearm.

More on the “family”…
All three “family members” keep in shape daily with a very strenuous workout at the gym. The disciplined “family” is up at 4:30am every morning — that’s 7:30am in Washington DC — coincidentally, keeping the same hours as the President of the United States.
There was a brief visit by a young man they called their son. What was his real purpose here, …Training? …Facilities inspection? …Installation of updated military or electronics hardware?

Other residents…
4. Mike is a computer guy, previously an IT Manager at the US Center for World Mission. What is a small-town church doing with an IT department, anyway? …unless something bigger is going on there.
5. Randy is Native American. Not sure what he does there. Is he a “Code Talker” using a native language as a secret code like they did in the world war?
Reference Link: Navajo Code Talkers
6. Diane, his “wife” must be his administrative assistant and/or body guard — they are always together.
7. Rodney shows up only at night. He is stationed in a trailer conveniently right next to the huge cement slab — He obviously guards the complex at night while everyone else sleeps.

More Questions than Answers…
There are “Please Keep Out” signs on some doors… why all the secrecy? Why is a large quantity of food and water stored in a secure room? Why does a “church” have a guard dog? [Link to Guard Dog Photos]

Is there something under the huge cement slab that is hidden from view from the parking lot? Is it an underground bunker for the President? …a communications facility? …a secret Star Wars weapon? …a War Room?

If not a US Government facility, is it a safe-house for the Foursquare denomination leadership, to be used if being a Christian becomes illegal in the United States?

Find out what’s really going on at River of Life in Omak…
Attend a Sunday Morning Service at 10am. Here’s the link: River of Life

One thought on “The “Cover Up” Theory

  1. Connie Shapley says:

    This is hilarious Marc. We are going to be in deeeep trouble. Shhhhh. It is suppose to be secret.

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